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Analogue synthesizers, DIY philosophy and circuit-bending were the main influences that had a strong impact on their music. They find their music closer to rock’n’roll rather than typical electronic production. When making music and playing live they use various synthesizers, drum machines and other electronic gadgets.
The characteristics of their music are distorted melodies and beats, contrast between quiet and loud and vocals run through effects.
New Wave Syria recorded their first album Hello, Yes in 2009 that was released under Cheap Tunes Records. The album was well accepted among listeners as well as critics and was declared the best Slovenian album of 2009 by various media.
Music from Hello, yes was also used in Slovenian film Izlet/A Trip (2011), for which New Wave Syria received a Vesna award for best film music.
In May 2013 they released their second album, entitled Summer, which continues the tradition of DIY aesthetics, melodic electro pop, distorted synths and rythm machines.
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